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Business and Medicine

As a business owner, you put much time and effort in developing a health care plan for your employees that is both thorough and cost-aware. At direct DOC, we’ve developed an employer-only program called, “Industrial Health” to meet employers’ specific needs.

With Industrial Health by direct DOC, we provide you with access to patient-centered primary health care that will help save your company money and make your employees healthier and happier. Likewise, our approach and access for acute care needs and Worker’s Compensation injuries provides peace of mind that your employees, and business, are in good hands.

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Utilization is key to managing medical problems. Many issues surrounding employee health stem from access to care and employee “buy-in” to the medical services provided. With direct DOC, you are getting on-site or near-site access to care that can be catered to your employees’ needs. Additionally, our membership approach to primary care will provide huge cost savings when incorporated with your employee health plan. Let us help you build a successful company from the inside out.

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  • Custom plans for your business
  • Job-site safety and employee health services
  • 24/7 access to primary care
  • Acute care and return-to-work programs

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